Christine Rasmussen

    I am a Canadian import who grew up in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. I have a formal education in design and manufacturing for the garment industry. Oddly related, I have worked as a technical writer, documenting, streamlining, then creating training programs.
    In 2008, I began a start up company in the septic industry, by providing repairs, and installations for both commercial and residential properties. I sold my interest before moving back to Bellingham in 2016. It was in working closely with property transfers, that my interest in being a broker grew towards getting my license in 2019.
    Having purchased real property in Canada and in several states where I have lived including Honolulu, the process has always interested me. I have new respect for the responsibility I now have as a broker, not only in helping clients find their family homes, but in navigating the process.
    On a personal note, I have a daughter who is a registered nurse and who works actively amongst Vancouver’s downtown, lower eastside homeless population of addicts and mental health patients, helping to manage the current opioid crisis.
    My son is a graduate of the Henry M Jackson School of International Studies, at the University of Washington, Seattle, whose focus was in nuclear non-proliferation. He is currently living in Washington DC, where he works for the government.
    On my off time you will find me often in the dark hours of the morning running my two mini wiener dogs….or them running me….I am PADI certified, and still enjoy skiing which I learned trying to chase my Norwegian “bestefar”, on our family acreage.
    Super happy to be part of Keller Williams Realty!

    Christine Rasmussen
    Real Estate Broker
    Keller Williams Western Realty
    2211 Rimland Drive
    Suite 124

    Bellingham, WA 98226
    Fax: 360-216-7669

    Christine Rasmussen

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